Oh me, oh my ... look how LATE I am!  The Queen will have my head!  Excuse me ... I'm just a little jumpy.  I'm known simply as the White Rabbit and it's my job to tell you about one of the webmistress' favourite hobbies ... Irish dancing.  She took it up a little while ago, left for a while and has recently decided that she wants to go back.  This page will be dedicated to the Irish dance shows that took the world by storm, starting with Riverdance, mainly choreographed by the amazing Michael Flatley.  There have been a couple of others since then, like Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames as well as a couple of more local ones but ... oh my ... I haven't time to tell you about them now ... I must hurry.  I'm late!

Ruth: As the White Rabbit said, this page is dedicated to one of my favourite hobbies.  You'll find pictures, trip reports when I've been lucky enough to go to a show, hopefully some of the very snappy Irish music that you'll hear if ever you go to or listen to one of these shows and reviews of the three Irish dance shows that have come out on video -- Riverdance, Lord of the Dance and Feet of Flames, all of which star Michael Flatley.  I'll also tell you about my own dancing experiences ... that is ... the classes I go to and keep you up to date with those!



I cannot believe how popular Irish dance has become since Riverdance was staged.  Anyway, within each section here, one for each show I've seen, you'll find pictures, reviews, the music where I can get it, lyrics, again, when I can find them, dancer biographies and lots of other stuff that I'll probably just add as I find it.  So keep checking back here, 'cause this section could grow to be very large, depending on how much information is readily available to me.  I have a couple of programs from shows and lots of pictures, so hopefully I'll be able to find a lot!

Right, that's all the information I have about these wonderful shows right now.  As I said above, please come back and visit soon because I will be adding more and more stuff all the time.  If you'd like to submit your own reviews of any of the three main movies that have come out, I will be very glad to put them up.  I'll also accept donations of pictures, midis of the music or anything else you might feel inclined to send in to me.  Anything you like can be sent here and I'll see what I can do with it.  If you want me to put up information about a particular dancer, perhaps, that's not already up here, I may need some assistance if they're not really a main dancer, but you happen to know them.  In this case, submissions of pictures and any information you can give me will be gratefully accepted.  I may even have to write back to you and ask for something if I don't know of the dancer myself.  Alright, now that's definitely all I can say, so if you're done here, click on the button below and go back home. :)