My name's Nala -- I'm here to lead you to other sites that our webmistress likes.  To make it easier, they're all sorted into categories.  The Disney page links are all together, pages dedicated to movies are all together, musical theatre-themed pages are all together and there may be links that don't fit into any of these categories -- they're just other sites that the webmistress likes.  Oh, and there's a separate little section again for the official musical sites.  There's a few of them out there, so have a look at them all!  Just one other little thing: Ruth's Study is also a proud member of many webrings.  I've decided to leave this page free for links, so there's a separate page for webrings, accessible through a banner down there.

Ruth: Just a couple of things I'd like to say, Nala.  Firstly, I've only used text links on this page for now, since some banners take up a lot of room on the page and I have to upload them all, which takes space on my server.  I may start using banners eventually, but for now, they're just text links.  You're also welcome to link back to me -- just use one of the two banners that are there below.  Please save them and upload them to your own server -- if you don't, you're stealing my bandwidth!  *ahem*  Anyway, just enjoy all the links that I have here -- I know I do!

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And now, without further ado: here come the links!  Enjoy!

Okay, umm ... maybe not.  Still working on collecting banners and links; they'll be up soon!


Okay, that's it for the links -- I hope you've enjoyed visiting all the sites here, most of which I frequent myself, otherwise they wouldn't be up here!  As I said above, if you do wish to link back to the Study, please use one of the banners above and link it back to  Just a text link would be fine too, of course, but either way, make sure you e-mail me and let me know because I'd like to repay you with a link back to your site, if it's not already up here.  Otherwise, be sure to check out all the wonderful sites that are already up here.  They're all hand-picked by moi, so they're all great, I promise!  They wouldn't be up here otherwise, would they?

I'm also willing to accept suggestions of sites to go up here.  I surf the 'Net a lot, but obviously I can't find everything, so if you find what you think is a great site that would fit into one of the categories here on this page, let me know about it.  I'll check it out for myself and chances are I'll put it up here.  Let me know if you'd like your site up here too, if it's not already.  I'm always looking for more and more great sites to add to my collection, so send in your address.  Again, I'll check it and will most likely put it up here for all the visitors to my site to see!  All I ask in return for putting your link up here is a link back to my site from yours, either using one of my banners or just a text link -- I don't mind either way.  Now if you're quite finished here, you can either click on that banner above to have a look at my webrings, or click the button below to go back to my home page.  Visit again soon!