Well, it's my job to ring the gong, so Ruth decided to put me in charge of the updates and announcements around here.  Just keep scrolling down the page.  You can count on me to get absolutely everything that goes on around here -- even the smallest, teeniest little things.  If Ruth puts it up, I'm gonna write about it here.  Oh, just one thing before you do go read the updates ... Ruth happens to be Australian, so she's requested that I do the date in the Australian way, and NOT the American way.  That is, the day, then the month, then the year.  Alright, now that I've taken you through that, keep scrollin' through the rest of the page and you can see what's been updated.  That was good, eh?  Think I deserve a promotion for it?

Ruth: NO, Mushu.  You're staying on the updates page.  Ahem.  Mushu here just forgot to mention one little thing: the updates go from newest to oldest, with the oldest updates being at the bottom and the newest update on the top.  Right ... now that that's cleared up, I think you're right now to go on and read the updates.  MUSHU!  Don't you DARE!  Excuse me, I have to go sort Mushu out.  He'll be DE-moted if he's not careful!  You'll have to explore on your own -- remember ... the date's in the Australian format, and the newest update is at the top of the page.

17/05/2009: Just a small update today.  I've made a few new sprites and put them up on this page.  The asterixes beside the menu items denote that there are new sprites in the section -- there are 11 altogether today.  More sprites (and general updates) are coming; I'm working a lot behind the scenes, and do have a few things to upload, and lots of drawings to scan and put up.  Please do keep checking back in the next days and weeks, alright? :)

18/04/2009: Oh.  My.  God.  It's been almost a year since I did anything with this site!  Life has gotten in the way, though -- I was studying and working, and have now moved to Melbourne, where we didn't have the Internet for a while.  Now that we do, I'm hoping I might get to update the site again.  Today I've removed the forums and the chat café -- the café wasn't being used at all, and the forums were being overrun with spam, so until I find a way to keep them clean, they'll not be returning.  They weren't being used much anyway.  The links are still on the main page, but they won't work.  Um ... yeah, that's about it for today: stay tuned, though, 'cause there's things coming.

25/05/2008: Today I have put up a new page in the Disney book, for Beauty and the Beast.  Let Belle guide you around the Library and see what you can find ... okay, so only the movie script is up at the moment, but there will be more added in the future, as soon as I've worked out what I want and done the pages.  I've also linked the Aladdin gallery to the Menagerie, so you can get to it that way now too and a new transcript for the episode Black Sand has been added.  Nine new musical theatre articles have also been added to the appropriate page: there are five for The Phantom of the Opera, two for the new production of The Rocky Horror Show, due in Melbourne in September, and two for the new production of Wicked, set to open in June.  Read, explore, enjoy!

29/04/2008: I have put up a new Fantasy Fights page in honour of my joining the competition again.  You'll find the link just underneath the banners on the main page, or where it used to be in the Bits and Pieces book.  The old page I had for the competition is also still available, for those who might be interested in seeing it.  I'm going to be looking for people to exchange votes with, so if you're interested, please e-mail me and we'll work out the details.

23/04/2008: Small updates today, although I AM going to start updating again, I promise!  I have things in the works, it's just finding the time to update between relief teaching and looking for full-time work.  I'll get there.  I hope.  Anyway, today I re-joined the Fantasy Fights web competition, so I'll get to work putting a page together for that, where you can go and vote for me every day, see graphics that I collect, things like that.  I've made a few little visual improvements to the site today too, here and there, although they may not really be noticeable.  It's really small things that I do, but I think they make a difference overall.  Keep visiting ... there are things coming!

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